Christmas Music Bingo!

Just a quick post today to announce the release of the ‘Tis the Soundtrack Christmas Music Bingo Card Generator!

A perfectly appropriate thing to be announcing at the beginning of April, with absolutely no context or tie-in. Timing was never my strong suit…

Image of a 'Tis the Soundtrack Christmas music bingo card.
Christmas Music Bingo

The Bingo Card Generator is a way to add some extra cheer to a holiday party. Or, a fun game to play while you’re driving through the neighborhood, Christmas-light-looking (just be careful if you’re the driver).

Bingo cards are randomly generated from a pool of popular Christmas artists and songs. We’ve tried to keep it to ones you would realistically hear on a Christmas radio station or streaming playlist. Sorry Vandals, your “Oi the the World” didn’t make the cut.

Oi to the World album art from the 2000 re-release, featuring a cartoon image of the characters from the song.
Oi to the World Re-release Album Art

At the time of this post, there are around 150 artists and songs in the pool. Clicking the New Card button will generate a new, randomized card from the available squares.

Cards are touch (or click) interactive and can be played directly from this site (just make sure not to refresh the page). You can also use the Download PDF button to save print-ready cards.

Cheers and Merry Christmas!

Posted by Kevin Williams | Wednesday, April 3, 2024